Free Extra Templates

Hello fellow Gliders, I have been fortunate enough to offer help on this forum for almost a year now. And throughout that year I have built a little over a dozen apps for some of you. Those of you that know me know that I never charge for this and because of that I request that they have done the same. In most cases these apps were just used for personal use to elp make their daily lives easier (I assume). Since I have had some time on my hands here recently I’ve reached out to those individuals asking them if they minded if I redirected that same generosity to others and the ones I have been able to reach have happily agreed. So throughout the next few weeks I will try to get videos of these as well as put them in the template store at no cost. Please keep in mind some of these are very simple apps that only do what is intended.


Messenger app. This came from a kiosk app I made that I ended up using a different type of messaging system. Needless to say it was scrapped but I felt like it was worth rebuilding as a standalone.


Attendance Tracker. Intended to track 12 students month to month. The beauty of this app was actually the google sheet that was setup to do the reporting.

Sorry about the audio I promise I will buy a new mic soon. I never used this one until a few days ago and it’s god awful.


Monuments & National Parks Template. It’s a very simple app but does have every US Monument and US National Park as well as the ability to click a button for directions, a description of the parks/monuments, how large they are, when they were founded and annual visitors. This was created for a road trip I took earlier this year in January before COVID-19 took over. But I figured why not add to the list.


Christmas Joke App for kids. Made it the other day, put it in here as well and published it for others :slight_smile:


Pre-Employment Behavior Analysis Survey

I have it posted elsewhere but I am trying to continue all of them on here as well. All of the questions are here, you don’t have to make any changes or add anything to it. It is ready to deploy out of the box.


Drinks of The Season Template. With over 150 drinks and 4 Holidays already covered. As always it’s 100% free for my fellow Gliders :slight_smile: This one won’t be in the Glide Template store only on this forum page and the Holiday forum contest page.