Multiple Group Chats


I am keen to build a chatroom feature around multiple topics, allowing users to invite others into their private room.

Thank you for any light shed.


If consuming rows is not a big problem for you, then you can have a setup like below.

  • Each original row contains a room ID and an array of emails containing the creator and his/her first invitees, let’s say 4, so we have Email 1, Email 2,…, Email 5.

  • Create a template column joining those emails, let’s say “Email Combined”.

  • In the chat room details view, have a form button that would write to an invites sheet the room ID and the email that the user wants to invite to the room.

  • Create a multiple relation from the chat rooms sheet to the inviites sheet, then a joined list column to return all invited emails in a comma-separated style, let’s say “Invitees Combined”.

  • Show chat room when signed-in user’s email is included in “Emails Combined” or is included in “Invitees Combined”.


I would sincerely appreciate any examples you’ve done or video. Thanks for taking time to explain.

Sorry I won’t have time to do a detailed walkthrough or an app, but here’s how the data structure should look like in the Sheets.

User Profiles: Email | Name | Image
Groups: Group ID | Group name | Email 1 | Email 2 | Email 3 | Email 4 | Email 5
Group invites: Group ID | Email 1 | Email 2 | Email 3

In Glide:

Groups: Invite Rel (Groups.Group ID to Group invites.Group ID), Joined List (Invite Rel > Email Template), Email Template (E1, E2, E3, E4, E5 replaced by the 5 email columns)

Group invites: Email Template (E1, E2, E3 replaced by the 3 email columns)


I do something similar here:


Thanks. I’ll try this out!

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I’ve been able to build private chats via invite code and/or leader approval.

I’m very new here and can’t figure out how to start building my chat. I’d like to set it up where users can all chat in a public room or in private rooms. Admin should be able to override and offer the chat options to a user or not.

Can you help me accomplish this?.

The public room can be the Chat tab that Glide built for you natively.

For the private room, you can watch the tutorial here: Need help on creating private chat

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Thank you! I’ll check it out and give it a go.

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Let us know if you need help and don’t hesitate asking questions!

Welcome! A very kind community member posted this recently. Hope it helps and good luck!

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