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Just curious. Is this message sterilized (is this the right word??) when the app has whitelabeling turned on, or are there Glide references in it?

Hey, Trustin!

If you test your project in the Builder, you will not use any Updates for adding, editing, and deleting data.

For a more detailed guide on Updates, check out our documentation

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The warning message your users see when your team uses all of its updates currently does not mention Glide - even for free projects.

There may be a mention of Glide for free projects in the future, but that would not be included for whitelabeled projects.

Can not understand why for this restriction is?

Hey, Orth!

What type of project are you trying to transfer? Depending on whether the project has a paid subscription or if the team has a paid subscription, you may see this warning when you try to transfer a project to a different team.

Have you tried adding payment information and then transferring the project?

I understand that you restrict transferring an app from team on paid plan to team with free plan. But I don’t understand why this restriction was made for.
I occasionally bought a template to paid team instead of free one, and can’t move it at all

The limitation is in place for a technical reason. When transferring a project from a paid team plan to a free team plan, there can be complications, so we have restricted this ability.

If you would like to move a purchased template to another team, our support team may be able to help you refund the original purchase and allow you to purchase the template for a different team.

New counting - the death of swipe?
Swipe requires ‘swipe field’ just to… swipe, yeah, which is modified just every time you swipe even without any useful action. And now it counts and counts up update counter and down our money.
Is there any hope to exclude updating a swipe field out of counts?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Are you using the swipe feature purely for navigation purposes, or are you trying to store data when users swipe?

We have heard from users of other use cases where they are using features strictly for navigation (e.g., user-specific columns). We are working to support navigation use cases, so that they do not use any updates.

For the swipe feature, we can allow users to swipe through the list without saving any data.

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I talk about ‘Content’ field. It looks like something rudimentary, becouse I have to make some strange additional column, wich I dont know how to use or why it for. After all, it counts updates every swipe, not metter where the table is hosted (neither google nor glide), or is this field user specific or not.

Data updates throught Left/Right action - ok, these are actions, and I can specify what to do or do nothing. But swiping is looks and perceived like scroll, not an action.

So, it’s all about this outdated warning:

I think you’re right about this. That “save last swipe” field is needed for the swipe mechanic to work. Whether you make the data user-specific or not, it will incur a change in data every swipe.

The documentation you referred to is for the old pricing plan (it uses “sheet edit” as a term). Now we call those “updates”.

When this feature is primarily being used for navigation, we should remove the Save last swipe requirement, which would make swiping not use any Updates

Will look into it!

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Support’s answer is ‘no’ :cry:


:man_shrugging:t2: “paying for your misstakes makes them worth”

Hey, Artem! To clarify, we already provided you a refund of your original template purchase. You are simply purchasing the template again for the team you want it on.

Technicaly, yes. But ‘refund’ was into glide account, not to credit card. And, unfortunately, it’s useless, because it’s impossible to pay for template by credits in glige.

Thank you a lot for your care and intention to help!
I’m just clarifying. There is no claim

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Ah, my mistake! Hopefully, the Glide credit offsets the cost of the additional template.