Fox Survey Template 🦊 - Take your surveys anywhere

Available in the Glide Template Store in 2 languages :us: :brazil: !

Hey, Gliders!

Quick surveys at a click from you. This app is perfect for quick surveys of written questions and answers.

:bust_in_silhouette: User Features:

  • :fire: Fast & Efficient
    Simple way to reply and see what people are replying

  • :lock: Completely Secure
    You can keep private profiles or make them public in a fast and simple secure way.

  • :orange_heart: Follow, Favorite, Like and Comment
    After you login, you can keep tracking your favorites replies or comments.

  • :male_detective: Privacy
    Reply anonymously - even with a public profile - if you don’t wanna let your Picture or Name be public for that answer.

  • :file_folder: Add Suplies
    When you reply the question available in the app, or comment in any answer, you can add files like:

    • :link: Links
    • :framed_picture: Images
    • :file_folder: Files
    • :video_camera: Videos

:gear: Admin Features:

All User Features, and:

  • :question: Preview, Edit & See the question
    In admin view you can only activate or change one question at a time.

  • :no_entry_sign: Disable the question
    If you disable the question, all the answers in home screen will disappear and no one will be able to answer the question.

  • :no_entry: One-Click Delete Answers
    Do you need to delete the answers to the previous question to make a new one? Do not worry! Delete with just one click.

  • :busts_in_silhouette: Add New Admins
    Add new admin users to get all the access you need to manage this amazing app!

Watch the videos :point_down:

:us: English Version

:brazil: Portuguese Version


Edit: Both apps have a bug that we were unable to view the list of users and test the different views in template store. Glide is already aware and soon this bug will be fixed.

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To be honest, I opened this post without realizing it was you who wrote it. I was watching the preview of the app and all the while I was thinking how beautiful the app was—and it wasn’t until you signed into the app did I make the connection and thought to myself “Duh…of course this is a @Lucas_Pires app!”


Lol appreciate bob :smile:

I will make a quick video showing this feature while glide doesnt fix the bug, because I realized I didnt show it the demo.

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What a great app! well done

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You also didn’t demo the “clear all answers”. Is this a script?

Actually it opens a screen of all the answers (not a inline list), so admin can easily click in every single answer to delete them

Amazing as ever from you!

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Thank you so much @eltintero and @Wiz.Wazeer :relaxed:

Gotcha. I use that same method in a few of my apps—just making sure I wasn’t missing some brilliant new way to clear rows.

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Guys, let’s test it!

I prepared a special question for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All these videos and these designs from you set the bar so high. Always look forward to your work @Lucas_Pires
Great job yet again!


Thank you so much, bro!! Appreciate it :relaxed:

I wanna make some more templates, and maybe one day I will reach @Robert_Petitto’s level :laughing:

Please do—your templates are stellar.

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Sure I will!

The only point is when I think to create a template, most of them are complex and big projects… Need some simple ideas as you do lol


Really nice work @Lucas_Pires — one thing I just noticed when trying to respond to the question you added (nice one by the way!)… if I tap the question itself (under “Today’s Search”), it’s acting like a Delete button and is asking if I want to Delete this User. I think it probably means Delete this Question, but I also thought that a regular user like myself shouldn’t have that permission.

Not sure if it’s an error, but wanted to let you know just in case!

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It’s not, thank you so much :pray:

I’m using a inline list, so I forgot to let it with none action. Fixed it!

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@Robert_Petitto here I show as I said