Survey with images & report with AI

Hello! We want to create an app where the user selects 6 from 24 given images, and the app generates a personalized report with text and score based on these selections. We would also like to include an AI to cluster answers to open questions in surveys. Could you please advise if these features are available in Glide, and if so, how to get started with creating the survey with image selection?

Best way to select multiple images on Glide would be by using the Choice component set to multiple entries and limited to 6 entries max.

The images are a bit small, but it’s the easiest way to accomplish your first request.


Agree with Bob that a choice component is the simplest and easiest approach.
If you wanted the images larger, then another option would be to use a list/collection and configure it to work like a choice component. But that requires a somewhat more advanced technique.

For the second part of your question, there are no native Glide AI capabilities. But the Glide Data Editor is quite powerful and allows for some fairly complex decision making flows, so you might be able to do something. Or another option might be to integrate with a cloud service. Glide has various options for integrating with external tools/services.