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So the bookmarks in the forum have been completely whacked out the past couple of days. I did some searching and it looks like Discourse updated how bookmarks work by allowing you to set reminders. I don’t use the reminders, but bookmarks are a huge factor in how I use the forum. So much so, that I had @JackVaughan increase the daily bookmark limit from 20 to 100. That’s how I mark which posts I want to come back to later to try to help if I can.

So with the change, the bookmarks are functioning and saving correctly, but on the main forum page, the bookmark icon sticks if I have unchecked the bookmark within the post. That, and sometimes posts won’t show the bookmark icon.

Is anybody else experiencing this, or just me? Is there some other update that Glide needs to do to update the forum to the latest version?

I keep clicking on posts that are showing a bookmark, only to see that I have already unchecked the bookmark within the post. Looking at bookmarks in my profile works fine though. I tend to set and unset 20 or 30 bookmarks a day.

I haven’t tried, but will next post I’d like to save. I’ll let you know.

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@Jeff_Hager Same issue happens for me.

Have emailed discourse about it.

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Thank You!

@Jeff_Hager is this fixed for you now?

Ahh yes! Much better! Thanks for checking on that!

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I never bookmarked anything here, until now. :grinning:

They’re gonna make this the best reference tool I have!

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Just discovered forum bookmarks after reading this @Jeff_Hager voodoo and wishing I had been bookmarking all the gold I have read over time!

Is there a list of super useful topics / would anyone care to share?

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I would start here and here, and here.