New forum home page

Hey all :wave:

You’ll notice that as of today we have changed the home screen of the forum to be the categories screen.

We’ve done this to make it easier for new users to discover all the things that are going on in this forum.

However, you can change your view back easily.

Just head to your preferences :point_down:

Click on interface and change your default home page back to latest.


nice, but can you guys switch the left panel to the right and make it 1/3 width of the screen?
we care more about what was just posted than how to browse categories

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@Uzo Can you not just switch your home screen to the latest posts?

why? let’s have a default screen that is the most recent… why have extra work to click settings? we are used to looking on the left for new posts, for many years! it was good… why change to less space for information??? we don’t really need a big filter that takes up half of the screen!

I would like to have the latest post respond under the topic in posts… so I don’t need to click post to see it… that would be more useful than putting a giant filter.
also, every time I go back from reading a post, it set back to default, and I need to use the filter again…
another problem is that when I make the forum window narrow, I cant see posts because they are on the right side… someone really did not think through this change… ;-(


It’s five clicks to change it for your own view. The new users will appreciate you!