What do you think of our new forum?

Hey Gliders!

We’re super excited to be trying out this new home for our community. We hope it’s going to be a great move for you guys. :grinning: If you’re interested in understanding all of Discourse’s features you can read this page.

I’m interested in your initial thoughts so please, comment below.

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Jack, I think it’s great that you guys are moving the Glide community to be here on Discourse.

A couple of thoughts. I’ve looked at the categories that you’ve created, but was thinking that you might want to create an Announcement category that the team can use to announce new features or other significant changes to the product or about the company’s evolution.

Second, you might want to start replying to new topics on the “old” Spectrum forum kindly asking people to post their question or item on here and give them a link to here in the response. It would seem that the big challenge right now is making this migration where people come here and stop using the old forum.

Again, glad to see the migration. All the best to you and the team.


Hey Bob, awesome - you’re one of the first :wink:

Sure thing, I may have been doing that just as you were typing your post: https://community.glideapps.com/c/community let me know what you think!

Yes, I’m going to chat with the team about the best migration. At the moment we’re sort of still in testing, but I’m pretty certain we’re going to stay here. :+1:t4:


Thanks, Jack! I find the term Community to be a little ambiguous as I don’t really know what to expect to show up there. The word “Announcements,” on the other hand is a distinct place for the team, or members of the community to make announcements, perhaps features from the team, or a new app from a community member. I also think that there should be a pinned-to-top item that is both a Welcome to the space and overall info about the categories. I had referred to Meteor’s use of Discourse elsewhere and I’m attaching an image of what they have as their pinned welcome post which always appears at the top of the Discourse page when you enter. While all of their text is not applicable, the guidance on category selection is something that I find useful and I believe would be helpful for new visitors to the forum.

Sorry - wrong link, the one I sent is the general community folder of categories.

Announcements: https://community.glideapps.com/c/community/announcements
App showcase: https://community.glideapps.com/c/community/app-showcase

RE the top pinned answer - completely agree. I’m going to chat with the team and decide on this and the categories later today.

Yes, that’s great - we will likely do something similar to Meteor. Thank you

That “Announcements” link sends me to an Access Denied page. I am logged in to Discourse.

Very strange… ok. I’ll look into this. Thanks Bob - teething issues obviously! :wink:

Hi Jack - you’re off to a great start here! I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing Discourse as a potential replacement for one of our internal platforms and there’s a lot to like about it. :+1:

If it helps, my testing revealed that people got a bit confused by the concept of sub categories and tags. I found it useful to keep the category structure fairly flat to begin with. A top-level category can be moved to a sub-category at a later date.

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@chado I thought that might well be the case, really appreciate the advice. I’ll chat with the team later today and decide on our initial categories.

@Bob_Monsour thanks for highlighting - found the issue. Should work now.

@JackVaughan Great so far. Is there a way to pull in some of the valuable post that are in Spectrum. That would really make it great out of the box.


I like Discourse a lot

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Fast and clean, I like it.


It looks very clean and clear here.


Hey @George_B great to see you here! :+1:t4:

Unfortunately not. There is no export feature and Spectrum has basically been abandoned so it’s unlikely we’ll get any help with it. :frowning:

If there are one or two posts that you think are worth bringing over for future generations then please do. You could post them in the Showcase category which I’ve setup for apps and tips.

Our apologies. We couldn’t see any way of avoiding this in the transition.

Absolutely… also have you checked out the keyboard shortcuts? I’m not using my mouse at all in Discourse! :+1:t4::mage:t4:‍♂

@chado we implemented a much simpler category system today. Great advice. Let us know what you think https://community.glideapps.com/categories

This is nice and far better than Spectrum.(Nice to see that this comment box allows MarkDown of which I first heard while using RichText component in Glide) :grinning:


@JackVaughn these categories resonate with me and will likely help orient both new users and Spectrum emigres :slight_smile:

I’d be curious to see how people utilize the FAQ and the Feature Request categories.

It seems like the FAQ section could be particularly useful as a starting point to post ‘can Glide do this?’ type of questions. If the answer there is ‘not yet’ the perhaps ‘feature request’ would be more useful as a tag rather than as a category…but I guess time will tell on that one.

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@chado Yes. The role of the FAQ is really for moderators to re-categorize posts into. FAQs also are prioritized in the search above other categories.

Nice - I didn’t know it could do that :smiley: