Form taking info from different row

Is anyone else having trouble with forms taking info from different row?

I made a video to explain my problem.

Can you spot what I did wrong? @ThinhDinh, @Jeff_Hager, @Robert_Petitto, @gvalero, @Wiz.Wazeer

Can you specify more about what you’re trying to achieve?

Hey @ThinhDinh,

Thanks for replying!

I have a form that when created is passing the information only from the first row.

I have deleted it three times already. But it keeps doing the same.

The info I need is the one highlighted but I’m getting the one from the first row instead.

Screen shots of the orders tab

I’m not sure I can tell from the screenshots, but the form should be pulling data from whichever row your detail style layout screen is currently on. Even if you removed all components and replaced it with data from different sheets or data from different rows in the same sheet. Normally a detail style layout at the top tab level is going to be on the first row in the sheet, unless you set a filter. Otherwise viewing details from a list will take to to whichever row you selected. Is there any chance that the screen with the form button is really on the first row, but you are displaying data from other rows? Hope that makes sense.

Let me see If I’m following. My tab is a detail layout of the Products one. So that means I am actually pulling info from the first row. I have to set a filter where the info points to the row I need. Right?

Yes, that’s exactly what I imagine it’s happening. I’m not sure I follow which of your app tabs is the products sheet, but I think you’ve got the idea.

I just fixed it. Thanks a lot!

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