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so i am building this app where select signed in users, can submit new entries to the database (tournament events). The thing is, i would like to approve content personally, before the public (non registered users) can see the content. How would you go about that?

So far i’ve tried to make a separate glide table called “tourneys to be approved”, which is basically a sort of a “staging” table, until i push it into the “tournaments” glide sheet. For that i’ve set up an extra boolean column “content approved?”.

The main problem at the moment is, that whenever the form is submitted, the content also automatically pushes it to the source/main table, even tho on the submit action i’ve picked the “tourneys to be approved” sheet to push it into.

Edit: I already found out that the submit action is a secondary trigger. But i still can’t wrap my head around, on how to push the form submission only into the staging table that i’ve created.

Edit 2: Would i even need two tables for that?

Thank you for your help <3

You can choose any table you want as the destination table for a form, such as your staging table. (unless you are using an Add form instead of a Form form. An Add form is specifically linked to a certain table, whereas a Form form can write to any table.)

But, as you are questioning it, I wouldn’t even bother with a staging table. Instead just use your boolean idea to approved new rows. You can filter your list/collection to only show items that have the boolean set to true.


Hey Jeff,

thank you so much for taking your time to answer! Oh, yes i’ve actually used “Add Form” for this. I see where the mistake in my approach is then. Thank you so much! I didn’t even know there was a Form form.

Would i add this as a separate tab set to “details”, as i can only add components to a details page?

I will try it without a staging table, but as far as i’ve read right, aren’t the filters only “visibility” changes, so it would make it a possible security issue?

Edit: Thanks to your hints i figured it out. Appreciating it so much. If you ever need a logo or something, i am here for you. Just drop a message.

Edit 2: Oh i would just not send the flag on submission, so i have to set it manually. Got you. :slight_smile:

Edit 3: Sorry dunning was here again! Can you tell me more about the Form form? I’ve tried adding a new tab, set it to details and added text entry items, but they get prefilled with data from the linked table.

Last Edit: Sorry for the many edits in this short time. Will not keep on doing this in the future and take more time to dig. I finally have it! Sorry for the trouble and all the notifications.

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Just a closing note (correct me if i am still doing it wrong):

For anyone having the same thinking error / troubles i had:

  • I created a separate column in my sheet/glide table with the type of boolean and gave it a name (for example “Content approved?”)
  • Instead of using “Add Form” i have created a new tab (set to details) named “Add Tournament” and placed a form button in there.
  • In play mode, i’ve pressed on the open form button to open the settings for that and made sure, to remove the “Content approved?” field and set everything else up as needed. (is that the right way?)

Thank you Jeff and - for my project’s issue, this solved it.

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Sounds like you got it.

Technically yes. Even if you apply a filter to a list, all data will still be sent to a user’s device, and someone with the right knowledge could snoop the data and see what is in there. The only thing that will prevent data from being downloaded is by utilizing Row Owners. I figured that even though unapproved events could be viewed by a tech savvy user, once events are approved, they are viewable by anybody, so security seems like less of an issue for your use case.

I rarely use any of the list style layouts for a tab. Usually I always use a Details style layout. That gives me much more freedom as far as adding components (including an inline list). Then you can add a button or a floating button that can trigger your form. That way you don’t need to have a separate tab just to hold a form button.

Yep, that works.


Thanks for elaborating on my closing post. You have literally made my night, especially with the hint to use detail style pages instead of a list view! This really broke a lot of barriers in my thinking.

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