Form screen: check fields

I am working on a form screen.
The user should have two possibilities:

  • save the data while not all fields have been completed yet
  • save the data when all fields are filled

I am aware of the “required” when using text entry. But I want a user to be able to send the form, i.e. save the date, although it has not been fully completed. But as soon as all entry field elements are not empty, then the user should have another feature ready (in my case it means having someone else checking the data).

BUT: checking whether a field is empty or not empty seems only to work after the form has been sent.

Is this correct? And if so - is there any workaround in order to check whether a text entry element is empty or not empty before sending the form?

thanks for all your help

The only way to do what you’re asking is to create a custom form. Form screens in Glide are a one-time use sort of thing and don’t have a “Save Draft” ability.

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As Kyle mentioned, this is correct. On a form screen, any input data isn’t actually submitted to a table until the submit button has been hit.

You would have 2 options:

  • Either create a custom form as Kyle suggests to have granular control over the form
  • Or use a form to submit the data first (the process of submitting) and have that data checked after submission (the process of checking). It would be a 2-step process.