Form - How to generate automatically email + creation date?

Hello everyone :grinning:

I have a question regarding my form. I have a form with 4 fields :

  • Country
  • Areas
  • Level of experience
  • Comments

When I submit my form, I would like in addition of these 4 fields, to automatically generate the email & the date of the day of the submitter in my destination table.

Do you know how to automatically generate email + date of the day ?

Thank you a lot !

On your form screen we need to add 2 components.

  1. Current Date Time (This will automatically add the current timestamp to your table)

  2. Signed in user email (If your users are signed in there should be a user profile column ‘email’)

In your destination table you’ll want to add 2 new columns to hold these new values.


You can use Special Values.


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