Form has vanished

I spent yesterday creating a form in my Glide app. I want to send the results of my form to the user via email when the form is submitted, so tried to setup a zap. I went to the form actions and selected Zap (In retrospect, this is probably not the right way to accomplish this since the action needs to open the form and I’m not sure what the correct way is). It said “no Zaps configured in Zapier,” so I went to Zapier and set things up, got connected to my app. Now, the form I built has completely vanished from my app. Can I recover it somehow or do I have to do all this work again?

Probably not. Once you changed to the action from Form to Zap, it was most likely gone. Unless you tried the Undo button. Not sure if Undo will bring that back or not, but it you’ve done a lot of changes since then, it may be too late to try the Undo button.

Forms are only attached to their button. Once the button is removed or the action changed, then the form layout is gone. Forms are not attached to sheets like the details layout of a list item is.

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