Form fields are being automatically duplicated across sections

I am trying to create 2 separate input sections, based on data coming from a single table in Airtable.

I would like it such that in “Task List”, I can edit 3-4 fields for rows in that table, and in “Unit Inventory” I can edit a different 3-4 fields.

However, whatever Components I am setting up in one section are automatically being copied/synced over with the other section, preventing me from displaying 2 different forms.

How can I solve this?

Change your action from the top level screen to ‘show new screen’ instead of show details screen. If one of those forms is used in other parts of your app I would leave that one as is because details screens are consistent throughout your app… that’s why you are facing this issue.

Make sure to copy all of your components from the details screen before making any changes. (Right click on left hand side of editor → copy all)

You could also duplicate the tab before you start or duplicate the app altogether just to be safe.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure I am following, where would I see the options for new screen vs detail screen? I don’t see either of those labels anywhere

Assuming you have a collection on your top level screen, select that collection and then in the right hand side of the editor click on actions → enable advanced actions. For the ‘item click’ choose show new screen


you could create a new action/ custom action and do a show new screen from the action editor.

The benefit of doing a custom action is you can add more than one action to your sequence. Even if you only need one action for now, it’s still good practice to make a custom action… it could save you time and frustration down the road.

Try that and let me know how you make out


That did the trick, thank you!

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