Form component / automatically populating a hidden value


Quick one (I hope). This always seems to flummox me.

I have a container showing a few values from a single record. I’d like to add a button to that container that opens an overlay allowing the user to update just two of the values - but a third value hidden from the user - a checkbox - needs to be set to true once the user clicks submit. Then that overlay would close.

I’ve added the button and selected “Show edit screen” as an overlay and that’s fine - but I can’t see how to update the checkbox (which is hidden from view)

Confusingly - I can add a form container - which I know allows me to hide and pre-fill certain fields - but I then get a form within a form - so two submit buttons.

I’ve come up against this before, and can’t for the life of me remember how to get round it - fairly sure it’s simple so apologies in advance for the dumb question.


Use an onSubmit action that does Set Column Values.

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Thanks Darren

Should have known.

Out of interest - what’s the difference between the actions “Show edit screen” and “Show form screen”?

  • Show Edit Screen: edit the row attached to the current screen
  • Show Form Screen: create a new row in any table
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Thanks loads - much appreciated

I can stare at it for hours and it makes no sense. But when you say it - it seems obvious!

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