Force to downloading the file instead of open new tab

Tell me, please, is there a way to force the Glide to start downloading a file (the file is uploaded to the Glide’s internal storage and there is a link to it in the table (image column)) by action, and not opening a new tab by following the link?

Open Link action?

Open link action opening new tab with link, but i need to force download like from google
Thanks, Darren!
May be i fined solution

Looks like it not working for me.
Could somebody give working example link which force downloading image file from Glide table instead of opening new tab?
Im trying this
a href=“” download>Download /a>
But it just opening new tab with link

Did you notice the below?

If you’re testing with Chrome, that might explain why it doesn’t work?

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Thanks for answer, Darren!
Which browser i must use. And how to do if so.
Looks like is no way to force download image file from glide table, just open it in new tab? Right? Except sending it to third party service.
Not clear about cross origin
This link well downloading file from cross origin? No?
It well working from pages

Okay, so I did a bit of testing with this, and it appears to me that the download attribute will only cause the file to be downloaded if it is from the same origin. At least that’s the behaviour I’ve observed in both Chrome and Safari.

You can see this for yourself:

  • Go to
  • Click on the image, and you should see that it downloads.
  • Replace the href target with your own URL, click the Run button, and then click on the image again
  • This time, rather than downloading, your file will replace the content in the right hand frame.

I don’t know for sure, but I think you might be stuck.

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I have tried W3Schools Tryit Editor with my image link and it opened inside right frame instead download
my link is from image column in glide table(template column(image column)

How to obtain link with same origin?

What exactly are you trying to do? I’m a little lost…

Hi, Uzo!
I’m trying to force download image hosted in glide table image column, by action open link instead of opening new browser tab with link
This link working as expected, but glide link EjbebpgQW7PkIxOR0buF.jpg (988×792) ( which i get from template column not works

And is it not working? I never have a problem with that. So you have an image in the glide server and want to open it in a new window?

Give me please link to sample pages which provide downloading image from image column instead opening new browser tab.

Oh, you want to download the image from glide, without opening in a new window?

Yes i have image in glide server and i what to force download WITHOUT!!! opening in new tab and ask user to right click to save as


Glide does not have that function… you can create a script for a google web app to do that when the button is clicked… pass the image URL to the fetch column and let google do the job… but I never did that with saving to the device… i always save to google drive… so I don’t have a ready script for this.

Oh my God!
Thanks Uzo!
I’m curious so simple thing in a no code platform i need deal with third party script coding.
Now i see so many things i need to do in google, step by step i going to mostly use google and Glide like user interface.
Firstly i was afraid to do like this and waiting for solution for simple business needs directly from Glide.
But now i became to see i need more and more google script coding.
Again, tanks for advice!
I’m saddened, I still have to become a bit of a coder.


Yep… the best for me is to use Glide as UI only… everything else is done using Java column or Google scripts :wink:

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I will not put a like, because it is with the deepest regret that I recognize your rightness Uzo!

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Glide is a great toy, but I use scripts for serious stuff.

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