Followers and profile

Hello everyone,
I followed a very good tutorial on youtube to get followers and following (
I love it because it’s in the theme of my video game application.
However, I’d like people who consult someone’s profile to be able to see their favorite and finished games.

I’ve already set up everything so that when someone clicks on “add to favorites”, it puts the game in a favorites list on their profile. But how to make this list visible to others only when they go to the person’s profile.

To sum up, I’m trying to make it so that if Paul goes to James’ profile, he’ll see the games James has bookmarked, and if James goes to Paul’s profile, he’ll see the games Paul has bookmarked.

For now, if Paul goes to James’ profile, he’ll see his own favorites and not James’.

Assuming you are writing a comma delimited list of games to the user row, you can use a Split Text column to convert it to an array. Then create a relation linking that array to the games table.

No, basically, when someone bookmarks a game, it puts a “1” in a user-specific column. If they remove it, it puts a “0”.

Watch the video again. You need a comma delimited list of games in your user row. User Specific columns store values specific to a user and can’t be shared with others.