Flow process

Probably asking a bit much of Glide on this one but would appreciate a steer if anyone could provide one.

Is there a way to show data/rows as process blocks in a flow process chart? Much like the action editor visual.

I would ideally want the the interactions between these processes to mean something too. So i could sequence tasks that build up the flow chart.

What exact interactions would you want? It’s not something that possible at the moment, but I want to hear your ideas.

Just any that are typical of a flow process really. Arrows between process elements or blocks that define relations or sequence. And a way to change the blocks’ appearance with boolean input e.g. green for completed task

So do you need to have any sort of interaction when you have an element like that? Or just a presentation of them does the job?

Just presenting them would do the job for now. But I think that a drag and drop style approach would be the icing on the cake. Or even something that works like the action editor where you add before/after processes.

That does sound like a lot. I was thinking a HTML solution to present your data in a flow chart would be the best bet, but it looks like what you want is too much for Glide at the moment.