Floating button doesn't work with send email, phone call and link

This is the app

Try pressing the Floating button of the email in the tutor profile, after adding it to your home screen.

On the web, works fine

Thanks for the help

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I canโ€™t find your floating buttons. Can you record a loom or video and set it , with your support link, to support@glideapps.com?

I sent it :+1:

@Gideon_Lahav_Busines just tested here, and in my phone is working normally

iPhone 7 โ€ข Safari

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Works fine in my phone - had a friend test it and called me via the button


I like the look of the app, your gifs are well done. I cant understand a single word on it but its quite pleasant to navigate and stare at.


Thank you so much :grin: @Drearystate

If it will be a hit in Israel I will make a second version in English.

It is a Tutor app, where students can find a tutor or free video courses and documents such as summaries or tests (tutors can upload them)

@kabookie , @Lucas_Pires Apparently it works in other apps, the issue is only on this one and on my phone only Redmi Note 7.

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I have noticed several users that have a Note phone and have app issues find out that they are not using Chrome. My question to you would be when you are viewing the app are you viewing it in Chrome, have you saved it to your home screen, or are you viewing it in the phones native browser?

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Are you on Android? Thereโ€™s talk about things being buggy/laggy on Android.

Redmi Note 7

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Only when on my Home screen