Email from app function stopped working?

What are some reasons emailing through an app (both Email “Buttons” & buttons that have a Compose Email action) would suddenly stop working? Such buttons no longer open up a device’s default email app when clicked. (I have tried multiple browsers.)

you might be using a browser that you are not signed into… or incognito…

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Fair suggestion - but no, neither is the case in my situation. Signed into & used both Chrome & Edge. No issues before this past week, & I double checked my email address, Subject, & body columns.

I accidentally found an awkward workaround, but it only works on a mobile device - Desktop/Laptop view still has dead Email buttons. The Button element with an Email Action does open an internal black webpage. I then tap the sideways hamburger ( ||| ) that’s part of my Android OS to show the apps I’m running, & select my app from that lost to reactivate it. This allows me to see & tap the three vertical dots that are otherwise hidden by my browser when it’s running in “Installed” Web App mode, giving me the option to open the link in the browser that the Button is supposed to open automatically. Opening the link in the browser in this way does load the default email app & fill in the specified fields.

If you can reproduce the bug in a Loom or video, please send it to the support team. Thank you.