Flash Sales template 🔥

Happy to share with you my new template call “Flash Sales”.
You can manage multiple sales at different time with a wide range of brands and products.


:spiral_calendar: Manage your sales depending on the date;

:shopping: E-commerce ready with Stripe payment;

:boom: “Product left” progression bar based on the stock and products sold;

:vertical_traffic_light: “My orders” tab to follow-up your orders status;

:package: Track & Trace your parcels.

…and many others…
Have fun!


Very nice and lean! :slight_smile:


Another excellent app, love the look of it. Congratulations!

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tks @ThinhDinh :+1:

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@PlanetZero, very nicely done! I love it!

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:+1: thank you for your kind feedback @Rosinda_Anthony

Well done!

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The UI of this app is so clean! Great job!

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Very slick. Nice use of the progress bar and font sizes. The button to Go Shopping in the Orders tab is clutch.


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Tks @Lisa for your feedback! :wink:

Tks @Robert_Petitto always nice to have this feedback! :+1:

Awesome!! Congrats :clap:t3::fire:

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Tks @Lucas_Pires :+1: :+1:

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I like the design very clean and with good taste. The stock bar Very good detail.
Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:

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tks @Tuttografica :pray:t4: