Flags of the world

Hi Everybody.

I’m looking for a sheet containing all countries of the world together with their flags to be used in Glide.

I am willing to create such sheet and share it with the Glide community.

However, before I take the effort, I’d like to ask if anyone already has a flag sheet.

Maybe this?



@Jaime time ago shared this but I think it needs to be updated Free Template w/ full details of every UN country

Maybe he can fix this soon and reuse his great tool.

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Great source, @Darren_Murphy!

I can surely work on that to create the sheet.

Great approach, @gvalero !

I’ve messaged Jamie and asked him to share his sheet.

Instead of downloading the images, you could just use their API.

All you need is the country code, and plug that into a template:



Glide is truly magic.

Darren, I wonder: every API call will be considered as a write/edit to my GT?


No, I don’t believe so. The template column just gives you a static URL which can then be used in a screen component. When a user views the screen an API call would be made, but that just returns an image which is rendered on the screen. Nothing from the API response would be written back to the Glide table, so there is no table update.

I’d also imagine that browsers would cache the images, so that would reduce the number of calls (but not that that would matter anyway).


Here you go :slight_smile: https://197countries.glideapp.io/

Hi Sam and Everyone,

I’m late here :slightly_smiling_face: ( due to country problems )

On June like last week I started creating a app like this for my brother because he like Geography subject and I’m trying to help him :raised_hands: But still not finished and he don’t know that I’m building a app like this for him :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ( surprise :partying_face: )

The first thing I thought to do is this that need to download images of countries! But luckily I don’t wanted to do that because my dad already downloaded all countries images for a project of my sister when she was in grade 6 :joy: :sunglasses:

See images :

Then what I did was created a table in Glide and added the countries and uploaded the images. ( went only 4 hours for this :saluting_face: ) And now I can add other information slowly for each country!

I also exported this to my computer so if my Glide table deleted by mistake I can import that! I have imported this to a new spreadsheet too and you can access it here and then you can also download this as a CSV ( File table > Download section > Comma-separated values ( csv ) ) and import it or connect that sheet with Glide!

Just to show the current setup! : Countries.mp4 - Google Drive

( I started first a app and then I built the Page too! )

Yeah you can go with the API method like Darren mentioned but I thought that let’s do this in hard way :nerd_face:

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Have a great day!


Awesome, @Dilon_Perera!

Thank you so much for sharing your work.

And also, go and hug your dad for doing intergenerational hero deeds.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Never give up.

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So here’s how I did it.

Everybody take advantage, if it is helpful for you.