Fixed price table to implement UI choices/features

Session variables - Session Variable Column - is a much needed feature for builders who use Glide capabilities to build clever apps. Session data is typically not collected/managed for the application itself but is used to highlight/demonstrate the cool UI features that Glide is capable of. In my case I use choice buttons to switch between different views of the same data. Unfortunately - this lightweight update costs the same as a full ADD-ROW or Set Col val which is when I actually create/manage high-value customer data.

In my case I need a cheap table that is available to my app exactly like a the USER table. One where I can store all the ‘choice’ menu items (and other cool UI features (thanks @Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto et. al)) which allow users to switch views of data and maintain state so when they return to a screen it is the same ‘view’ as the last time they were there.

In this case I use a choice component to switch between 3 views of data so users can select accounts they want to work on. Currently stored in the User table so each user has their own state. The selection of the account is the actual work that is going on - the UI is ‘mice nuts’ in the relative scheme of things but could cost 10x more than storing the ‘real data’ if a user switches between views to find accounts.

If the Glide dev team can build multi-filters - they can a build a cheap storage/update tier for UI/state elements that is accessible just like the USER table.

PS. @david - start cheap and if the price doesn’t cover the cost - adjust. New revenue stream, analytics on usage, happy developers. Let the bean-counters worry later as more people use more Glide features at a small charge - it is the AWS-way!