App maintenance/Clutter clean-up

Hello, Gliders,

As I continue to learn more Glide features and expand my apps, it results in some behind the scenes clutter and I would like to now tidy up. I think I like the new Column Grouping to help with this.

Here is a question for the group–How much data is kept in your “Users” table? Do you tend to keep everything in one place? Biographical profile info, subscription payment info, user/member active status?

I have 3 main bits of info on users.

  1. Their literal login information–email, name, profile created date
  2. Role–certain users are allowed to edit records. These are NOT team members that are managing the app. Simply end-users that have adding/editing privileges that others do not. A Relation column connects the User’s email address to the rows in another data table they are able to edit.
  3. Paid subscription status that tracks purchases through Stripe to allow access to paid content.

Would you keep all of this info in a single Users table as profile information? Or might you have a more basic User table that is related to an Event Managers table and a Subscription Payments table?

Very interested in your experiences and feedback.


In this very recent thread I asked the same question since I have wondered about this.

@Jeff_Hager replied with good insight. Hope this helps.

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Son of a gun - here is Robert talking about why he uses ‘users’ for this app versus other sources.

I often use the users table as the source for my screens when I want to store selections or temporary values that I need to access in other tables.

Example 1: Temporarily storing a rowID from another table so I can reference it in a relation, if-then-else column, or in a form submission.

Example 2: Storing choice component values that need to be referenced in another table for filtering purposes

The only time this differs is when I DON’T need to reference these values in other sheets. In this case, I’ll create a new table that uses user specific values to build out the functionality I need (aka a “Work table”).



Boom @Robert_Petitto .
Worked like a charm.

Many many many thanks Robert :smiley:

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You’re very welcome.