Fix mobile elements?

Will your team improve the layout/rendering of elements on mobile devices if custom CSS isn’t available in all packages?

Back in August 2022, I reported this and nothing has happened since then.

The Glide Pages app does not render well on mobile, and I don’t have the option to change things like font size, width, colour, etc. It’s really a pain to view my app on mobile!

Would you be able to provide an ETA on how these issues will be resolved?

It’s not fair to expect me to upgrade my subscription just to fix your mobile app’s default elements via CSS.

I’ve had to simplify and shorten nearly all headings and button text through the entire app, just to get a workable version on mobile.

I’m at the stages of cloning the app for other clients and this really is a deal breaker on whether I decide to continue using the Glide product.

Thanks in advance.

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