Finding a value in a table based on row and column input

Hi, new to Glide. I’m building an application that will do some calculations based on user input. Specifically, the user will select an altitude and a temperature. I’d like the application to then lookup the associated value from a table. Here’s the data table layout:

So given an altitude of 5,000 and a temperature of 25, the resultant values would be MaxGW = 9,500, Max Q = 50, and the HOGE = 43.5

The orginal data layout is:

I’m up for reformatting/adjusting the data as necessary, just what the most effective and efficient method might be.

Thanks in advance!

You can create a template column that will join the altitude and temperature your user chose, and a template column that joins the altitude and temperature in the “source” table.

Create a relation from the first template column to the second template column, next use a lookup to pull back all values needed to show your user.

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Fantastic, works like a champ! Thanks very much!


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