Find element index with rowowner to update sheetrow with make

Hello !
I developed an ap which is working very good. For some reason i need to update some row in GSheet using make (integromat)
In my table in find the element index and then i calculate the sheet rowNumber and ask make to update one column of this row. All its ok… BUT… i use rowowner and role in my app and when i use find element index for another owner, the result is not good because it only count n rows for this user and not all the rows
Example :

User 1 : x rows
Find element index of the last row is 64 (GSheet number row = 66)
User 2 : n rows
Find element index if the last row is 4 (GSheet number row =6)

So make update the line 6 in GSheet but that row is owned by user 1…

I dont know how edit my function to solve that “issue”

If someone have an idea…
Thank you for reading… and help !

Ps : i hope you understood my english !


Instead of trying to calculate the row number, add a RowID column to your table, and then send that to Make. Make can then search for the RowID in the Google Sheet and update the correct row.

That said, I don’t understand why you can’t just update the row directly from Glide?

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Thank you Darren !

I have a row id… and i pass it to make with my webhook. But how can i ask make to update that row ?

I use make, because i update a column with a url file create with pdfmonkey and store in G Drive. I dont have access to the glide api regarding my starter plan.

You need to search for it first. So you’ll have something like the below:

Oh ok… i have to add a GSheet module in my scenario ! I tried before with the same module.

I will try and tell you if its working

Thank you very much !

Yessss !!!

All its Ok now !!!

Thanks you Darren and the Force !

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