Filtering ignores conditions the column if - then - else

The idea is to prevent users from selecting values from a list that someone else has already selected. It used to work as it should, but I recently decided to test it and as a result found this error.
Glide should hide this name, but it can still be selected in the choice component.
I am attaching screenshots, I hope it will be clear.
Sorry that all the names are in Russian.!
2020-11-18_16-28-04 2020-11-18_16-28-37 2020-11-18_16-28-57

So you’re trying to filter the name when the if then else is that exact string?

The selection component should show only those rows in which the value of the if - then - else column matches the value “free”

Sounds like the logic is correct, so I imagined you make a relation and the if then else is if relation is empty then free, and vice versa?

Yes that’s right.

Can’t find anything wrong with the logic so probably you can try talking to support to get this checked.

Or if you’re ok with letting me copy the app to see what’s under the hood to furtherly debug this, you can share the copyable link via private message.