Filter users, since they all have login

Hello Guys, I made a glide app with login for all users, however I would like to hide the phone button only for users who were not on a list. How would this list do, could someone help me? Thankful.

Let me rephrase that:

  • So you have a glideapp which users must all login via their emails.
  • You have a phone button, which you want to be not visible for users not on a list.

So the way to do this is:

In your user profile list (which contains the email), add an additional column, let’s say “Phone or not?”. Add value TRUE to those who are “on your list”, and FALSE otherwise.

Set the visibility condition of the phone button to visible for those who have TRUE in that “Phone or not?” column, and vice versa.

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Hello friend, I really appreciate your help and it just didn’t work because I lacked skills to know which formula to use. Your goodwill would reach me in this too. Below is my spreadsheet and how I’m doing it and it didn’t work.

Assign a TRUE value to rows where you want people to access your “Phone” button. FALSE otherwise. Then in Glide, set a conditional visibility to only show that button to users who have the TRUE value in your CONDICAO column.

If you need further assistance just tell me or message me privately.

Look, this is what I understood, but when I went to the glide the command was the opposite.

You’re setting your list based on the “ACESSO” column right?

Look for the “ACESSO” column in the User part. Can you find it?

I entered the login tab created automatically by glide and made the conditional there. However it is not working as far as condition is concerned. Look.

I have just sent you a personal message. I will try to get you to understand it before helping via a TeamViewer session.