Filter list icon is too subtle

I keep getting feedback that the filter icon above lists is too subtle and risks been overlooked by end users. I agree.

I have to keep adding workarounds. It is possible for Glide to take a look?

What change would you recommend? I guess I’m too used to testing it in the builder this never occurs as an issue to me.

Thanks for being being open to exploring. I would recommend making the 3 lines show up in the app’s default button color.

Yes, we will look at this for design improvements coming soon.


Thanks David. One of the biggest feedback topics I get on UX relates to the chat function. Successful apps often rely on a lively community and the chat function can be important. I really think it deserves a deep dive. I can provided a consolidated feedback if you like.

That would be great! Start a new thread, share your insights, others can add theirs.

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