🎉 Filter Inline Lists Using Multi-Select Choice Components!

Thank you for this helpful thread. Was the full tutorial ever shared? I only see the teaser.

Thank you! Is the full tutorial available?

Yes, sorry! I just updated the original post:

excelente muchas gracias esa explicación era la que necesitaba

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¡Estoy contento que te sirva el video!

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Thanks very much! This was helpful for a Glide app. I’m building a basic directory (for now) using Glide pages. We don’t currently require website visitors to log-in. Is there anyway to recreate this using Glide pages and without individual log-ins?

I don’t see the “details” layout option in Glide pages, so I’m not sure it’s even possible.

In Glide Pages, there is no separation of layouts — really, every screen is a details layout, so it works just the same as in the video.

If you’re not having users sign in, then instead of using the users sheet, you’d create a one-row working table that contains user specific columns. Use this working table as the source of the screen.

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