🎉 Filter Inline Lists Using Multi-Select Choice Components!

Thank you for this helpful thread. Was the full tutorial ever shared? I only see the teaser.

Thank you! Is the full tutorial available?

Yes, sorry! I just updated the original post:

excelente muchas gracias esa explicación era la que necesitaba

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¡Estoy contento que te sirva el video!

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Thanks very much! This was helpful for a Glide app. I’m building a basic directory (for now) using Glide pages. We don’t currently require website visitors to log-in. Is there anyway to recreate this using Glide pages and without individual log-ins?

I don’t see the “details” layout option in Glide pages, so I’m not sure it’s even possible.

In Glide Pages, there is no separation of layouts — really, every screen is a details layout, so it works just the same as in the video.

If you’re not having users sign in, then instead of using the users sheet, you’d create a one-row working table that contains user specific columns. Use this working table as the source of the screen.

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This is a fantastic tutorial! Thank you.

I’m running into a problem where sometimes the filter count is affected by filters the user did not interact with. Since we set filter column all to true until a filter is selected, the counter on your People table increments even when no filter is applied for that attribute. Therefore, when I have a mix of some filters applied and some filters not applied, those that have no values to apply are still getting added to the count.

For example, let’s say your user doesn’t select a gender, but does select the other two. Your people table has a Filter array that is including gender as true (in order to still show the results), which then adds it to the counter. This prevents the “nothing to show here” message from showing up because the relation column includes that entry.

I am probably missing something here, but does your example for showing/hiding the message work when not all of the filters are applied? If so, what might I be doing wrong?

Usually i doing like this:
In a row where your choice is writing you need one more column: if choice empty theh join list of all possible values and filter pointing not to choice target but to if column


Thanks! That worked. I added a second IF column for each filter that only checked if the relation had matches and had the Make Array column check those instead to properly get the filter count.

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I’m trying to build a product recommendation quiz, where I can ask a set of questions, move to another page, ask another question to refine further etc etc.

If I didn’t need separate pages, these filters would be perfect.

Is there a way I can implement this over different pages, or even mimic page progression by hiding and revealing?

Or… is there a much simpler way of creating a product recommendation quiz app ?? :smile:

Thanks in advance :pray:

To do any sort of pagination, you need to use what we call “custom forms”. Here’s a decent video on the topic:

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Thanks Robert!

Appreciate the response.

Will try it out.