Filter feature / Limiting access to signed-in user

Hi folks,

Wondered whether anyone has found a way to limit the appearance of in-line list items which correspond only to the signed-in user. I’ve tried a filter of ‘email is signed-in user’, but it doesn’t seem to work?

For context, I’ve created a voucher system, and need vendors to be able to redeem them - but each vendor should only be able to see vouchers for their location.

Any help or guidance you could give would be awesome! :slight_smile:


It should work. What kind of problem are you having? Can you show a screenshot of your inline list filter settings? Do your rows have an email address that matches the signed in user?

This is the screengrab. Basically all the vouchers are visible to every user, and they should only be visible to their corresponding user.

Same problem with the vendor login page - anyone can see all the vouchers, rather than vendors being able to see vouchers only for their venue.

Hope I’ve explained that properly! :slight_smile:

Nothing is standing out to me. I assume your User Email column only contains the email address of the corresponding user or the corresponding vendor?