Filter by Published Projects in Teams


I have 18 projects in my team. Today I received an email that I have 10 published projects and crossed my limit of 3 published projects. Is there any easy way to filter and see which of my projects are published? Below my apps I see 3 statuses

  1. Public app
  2. Few users
  3. No users

Does “No Users” mean it is an unpublished app?

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No, it does not mean it not published…and no, there is no sorting my published.

You quickest option would be to just open all of them, look at the top right and see if it says Share or Publish. If it says Share, then it’s published. If it says Publish, then it’s not published.



@Jeff_Hager Yes, I know that. Was just hoping if there was a quick way to filter between Published and Unpublished apps directly from the dashboard. It takes a little time to open the app one by one, and I’ve another team with 60+ apps :grin:.

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Yeah, not that I’m aware of. I’ve seen it brought up a few times, but I don’t think we have an easy way to tell. Some people will Star the apps that are published. That’s what I do, but if you are using stars for something else, then that’s not helpful.

Maybe another thought is to name your projects a certain way until they are published. Then you can easily tell by your naming convention if an app is published or not.

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Yeah I do that now for my new projects and teams. This is just for the new “My Team” when I started glide :smile:

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Sigh… “79/5”… This is going to take a while… Please Glide Team. If not “Filter” or “Sort” by Published Status, maybe a click on “Published Products” to get a list? Obviously I wouldn’t have kept publishing the drafts if I’d known this would happen.

I believe that there are some improvements planned to help us better organise projects.