hi everyone, i want to know why i can not publish app anymore.
I ve deleted and unpublished about 10 apps but still can not publish my apps
Do you know how it works ? How many apps are we supposed to be able to publish ?

Which plan are you on?


The ‘Basic’ plan has not existed for a few years now, and was billed per app. It was not a Team based plan. Are you sure you are taking about the legacy Basic plan? Are you trying to publish an app that exists in an old legacy ‘My Apps’ folder?

ok i understand, i mean basic version = free
for some teams i can read Legacy free under the team’s name.
for other, just free

Is it an older free team that you created more than 2 weeks ago, or is it a new free team that you have created since January 17th? The old free plan allowed for 3 published apps within a team. The new free plan allows for 1 published app per team.

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i get the answer. It’s a new team from today. Already published one app in…
didn’t notice the new plan…too bad…
Are we limited in team number ?

No there is no limit on the number of teams. You can create several different teams.

For details about each plan, you can refer to the pricing page