Finding Published Apps

any quick way to find out which apps are the published ones, or we have to open them one by one?

I guess no easy way to do that, but one workaround is click this “link” icon.


If it opens the builder then not published, else published.


It would be nice to have this in the usage screen …


I have struggled with this also. I made a suggestion and submitted feedback when they were asking for inputs on the new dashboard…

My suggestion was to have the Tag that shows which team plan the Apps are on, have that changed and use that tag to indicate if an App is published or unpublished.
I don’t see the use of displaying the team plan on that tag when you know the team plan you purchased or are paying for…
This would be highly appreciated…


I had to go through my apps yesterday one by one to find out the published ones. I have very very fast internet, but something is definitely not normal with the Glide dashboard. It was taking very long to load the apps dashboard and then open apps. Have experienced this a few times in past week.

I see some changes every day in editor and in the pages. May be they make some updates. Usually they don’t tell about it. But usually it slowing everything. I think
My dashboard also extremely slow