Fill User Access Column with SKU

Hello there,

I’ve been following the Insiders rebuild which is great, but on the free / paid it doesn’t outline how to connect your sales sheet to your user to define their access level. I’m sure this is easy, sorry I’m still learning.

What I’m trying to do:

  1. User purchases access to paid features
  2. Fill the ‘user access’ column in ‘users sheet’ with SKU from sales sheet. (using ={‘App: Sales’!A1:Z} to create a second sales sheet.)
  3. Visibility based on user access.

Sure this is easy I just can’t work it out.


After duplicating the App: Sales sheet, make a relation matching the user email from profiles sheet to the App: Sales sheet, then use a lookup to get the package name they bought back.

Worked perfectly thank you.

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