File picker usage/testing

I want to upload files (cvs, xls) which are not GLIDE database related - just spreadsheets.

In the builder I can add the picker with a URL column but I can’t test it.

On the App it shows up and allows a user to ‘pick’ but it does not restrict the file types.

  1. How can you test the picker in the builder?
  2. Can you restrict the file types to choose from?


What do you mean by “test” it? With a file picker, you should be presented with a prompt window to select a file on your device, when you can make your choice and upload it. Are you not able to choose a file? Are you not able to upload a file?

I’m not aware of an option to restrict the file types.

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File picker does not bring up a dialog box or anything else in the builder. No way to pick a file. But it works in the App.

That might be an issue with your particular browser or OS. It works for me in the builder.

Running latest MacOS and chrome. Did a reboot. Now working.

Thanks Jeff, sometimes you forget the obvious…@david it would be really useful to configure a file picker with a file type selector to simplify selecting from a specific file kind which is the normal use case.

Can you do anything with a file or then pointing it at a Glide component? Like open it or read from it? Can you access any of the file’s meta-data?

Otherwise do Gliders use a web embed component to control/manage reading in and processing a file?

Well, it depends on the file. Image files will work with an image component. Video files will work with a video component. Audio files work with the audio component. The first page of a PDF can be viewed with an image component, but for me, I wrap my PDF url inside a special Google Doc viewer url, so I can view an entire PDF inside a web embed. The google viewer lets me search, zoom, choose a page, etc. I would imagine that there are similar ways to do that with csv or xls files, but I’ve never tried it. Otherwise, I suppose you can just directly open the url in a web embed or browser window and maybe it would render nicely, or it wouldn’t. In other cases it may let you download the file. I guess it all depends on the type of file and what you want to do with it

What exactly are you doing with those files? Just uploading them so you can view them?

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Not viewing - validating, verifying and pre-processing the data for use by Glide.

  1. A customer has dozens of spreadsheets that they get from 3rd parties (not all in the same format)
  2. All SS contain account info but need to be in the correct format so I have to validate that they are and correct them if they are not
  3. Next I process the accounts to pull in other related data
  4. Finally I need to ‘copy’ them into a master SS which contains all other accounts for this customer.
  5. Then Glide does it’s magic (organizing, presenting and adding value to this info)

Net/net: Pre-processing spreadsheets so they are in the correct format then augmenting this data with info from other 3rd parties for use in Glide. Then let the Glide magic happen

Currently I am being sent a SS via email but wanted to ‘automate’ this process where the user picks the file and hits ‘save’ which saves all the Glide-knowable info plus the file meta-data then kicks off a process that emails the file for processing. I don’t think this processing can be automated in Glide so I will use the current mostly manual system. It is not a deal breaker if Glide can’t pull in the file meta-data but it would be helpful to automate one of the steps.

Ok, so you don’t really need to view it in the app. Just obtain the file, then do your manual post processing.

Yeah automating some of that process would have to be done outside of glide. Probably some third party like Make or Google Scripts, or something else that could read those files and process the data into your master sheet. Well beyond the scope of Glide.

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Just when you think CSS can solve all your problems… :rofl: :rofl:


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