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Hi All,

I’ve a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to show/embed a ppt file within my glide app? I don’t want to use a link for the user to get redirected. The user, once uploads a ppt file, must be able to view it and all it’s slides within my app.
    For example, When I upload a video or provide a link to video, I can play the video from within my app.

  2. Is there an option to restrict file type to upload using file picker? I’ve a field where user need to upload a ppt in pdf file format. And I’ve another field where user need to upload a video file. In both field user must be able top upload only respective file formats and not any other.
    for example, for file upload, the user cannot upload any other files except .pdf
    for video upload, the user cannot upload any other files except video files.

  3. Also, in the Image picker, it should ask or give option either to upload file from a location or use the phone camera. Same is the need with video upload option, user should be able to upload a video or use phone camera to record video to upload. Are these features available already? Did I not miss something in the configurations?

  4. When I use a text filed or notes field in the FORM, can the user format the text he enters like make a statement bold, use line break, bulleted (multiple levels of indentation) points etc? the way the text need to be displayed?

Possibly you can try using a webview action for Google Slides.

Not that I aware of. Currently they are all using the same file picker. You can only validate them after the submission is completed.

Not at the moment, what the user enters follows the format you want it to show in the app.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh for the clarifications :slight_smile:

More about what you can try with Google Slides.


I’ll go through it. Thanks much again :slight_smile:

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