File picker > file viewer

Hi, sorry for the basic question.

  • I have a form where with a file picker where I can upload files (.pdf for instance)
  • I want my users to be able to open (or save on their computer) these documents
    I don’t see what component I should use (a “file view” component?)
    Thanks in advance

You can use a link component, or a button that links to a web view.

Check this trick here by Jeff.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh, I tried both of them, but this does not work.
In the form, my users can upload .pdf which are therefore directly stored into Glide Databuilder.
Is it really necessary to have workarounds just to have them displayed when user clic on them?

I am using this method of File Picker.

Glide turns a .pdf file into an image, so you can use an Image component (or an InList with the Images data) for a preview.
For the recording, I use the Link action (in the Image component or other), which displays the pdf in the browser. the user can then save as.

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Even if the webview doesn’t work, I imagine the link component or a button that has an open link action would work.