File picker automatically changing to photo picker

File Picker is automatically changing back to Image picker.

A customer reported me this bug two days back. I noticed that the file picker had automatically changed to file picker. So I changed it back to File picker. Again today it has gone back to image picker. Please rectify the bug.

Is this still happening? Do you have any idea when it switches or what occurs to cause it to switch? I can’t image that an entire component would switch to a different component. Is it possible that you have to editor open in 2 browser tabs? If it happens again, can you capture with screen shots a before and after shot of when you change the component back?

This has not happened again.

Also I don’t keep editor open in two browsers. Yet I keep getting a pop up message saying “this app was opened in another device” . While I am 100% sure that I have the editor opened only in one browser tab.

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