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Hello, community,
I have two questions:
No. 1 Some users in my app have the file as a picture and others as a PDF. Do I have to use both image and file selectors to make them upload just one file in the app? The ideal world is just one and not having the users choose between two file pickers in case some users upload Images and others PDFs or other formats.
No. 2 Can the users take a picture of the document and upload it from their cell phone camera?

Not necessarily. You can can use just the file picker if you want, but on mobile devices, the image picker has the advantage of allowing a user to upload directly from their photo gallery, or directly take a photo with their camera and upload it immediately. It’s up to you what you want to use. Ultimately the file goes to the same place. Personally I use a choice component to choose if I want the user to enter a url, upload an image, or upload a file, such as a PDF. It all writes to the same column in the end.




As I said above, the image picker has that advantage of allowing you to take a picture and upload it immediately. You can do the same with a file picker, but it will be more steps to take a picture, go back to the app, click on the file picker, then navigate to the folder that contains that image.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager, for your help and the flash answer for this.

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