Need a media picker that would work similarly for both images and videos


I have a requirement for an app where the user should be able to upload the media file seamlessly with as little friction as possible. Currently, since the image and video components are different, I will need to ask the user to select what they want to upload and based on that associate the file picking option.

Is there a way to let the viewer identify what kind of URL (Image, Video, or a document) has been uploaded?

Couldn’t you just have a choice component where the user selects “Image” or “Video”, then based on that choice, hide or show the image picker or the file picker. Save that choice selection the form response sheet. Then when viewing the data in the app, show the appropriate component, using visibility settings, based on if the choice column is “Image” or “Video”.

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To add to this, I have faced some similar problems and used the same trick Jeff mentioned above (for audio as well).

In the last step Jeff mentioned, probably you don’t need a conditional visibility because those columns would be empty anyway since you did not allow entry in the form.


Yes, exactly that’s what I am doing. The additional step is that the user will need to select an option then be able to see either an image picker or a file picker. Currently using a checkbox is_image, is_video. Both are visible and no picker is visible when both values are false. If one value is true, just that corresponding picker is visible. But from user’s perspective, that step to chose is still an additional step.

You can just let them choose directly the text value (image, video, audio) etc from a single choice component if you don’t plan to have an item being both image & video.

Then set visibility of the pickers based on that choice.

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It would be great to have a choice between photo and video pickers, just like on a smartphone.
If I understand well, now we can only upload video files, but we cannot get them directly from the camera, like a photo …

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