Fetch Title & Description of a URL

Hey Gliders,
Hope that someone might have a suggestion :slight_smile:

I have an app where users paste links and then they need to provide the title and description. I’m trying to simplify the process so that once the users add a link, I would like to somehow fetch the title and description from the URL.

Unfortunately, the fetch function in sheets doesn’t work on array formula :frowning:

Any idea on how to fetch the metadata from a URL to a link that is added to glide?


Not sure if this helps, but the Link Component actually does most of that for you…

:flushed: :astonished:

I must have missed it!, going to check it out now. thanks!

Where is that? I couldn’t find it.

I want to be able to use “title” and “description” within my glide app.

It’s the Link component in the components list, under the Buttons category.

Got it. Thanks for your help, but that only allows me to show the title of a link in a link component.
I want to show the title and description of a link in other components.

I want to use the title and description as values and to be able to present them in components (without asking the user to give me the title manually, like I do now)

  • A user is adding an an item using a form (this is a form to add an event to a calander). one of the fields is a link (external) to the virtual event
  • I want to pull the title and description automatically from the URL and add it to the events I show.

I want to show those events on the app, with their title and subtitle

(Here is a the app I am reffering to: RoomsIL.club)

If you’re not afraid of a bit of Apps Script, that would be quite trivial using the UrlFetchApp class.