Renaming Links


I use Ctl K to rename links on Google Sheets, but when I open it in the app it says not found…evn with shot URLs it loses its pro look…

Any assistance is appreciated.


I’m sorry Jim, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Can you show us screenshots?

I don’t think the CTRL-K would translate into glide. That is a feature exclusive to google sheets and only visually makes the sheet have a label. The underlying data (URL) is what comes back into glide. I would suggest adding a label within the builder.

You could also use a combination of a Rich Text component to get a column that contains the title as well as a button or link with a labelt that says “Click Here”.

It doesn’t look like you can get a link title from a sheet column.

Yeah, I saw someone else with a click here…I’ll try that

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Funny how Ctl K is good for all Google mail, docs, etc…this is cool though. Thank you

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