URL for a page in glide

Hi all,

I’m using a Markdown in my Glide app to display some formatted text, and I want to link to a different page in my glide app from there.

The links in the example are all to external sites - in the Markdown I can put [_Google ] (https://www.google.com/) _ to have a clickable link to Google.

However, I want to put a clickable link that goes back into the Glide app, something like: … and our CEO is [Michael Scott](—Michaels page in glide—) … To do that I need a URL that references a page in the glide app. This means that every page needs to have a URL “address” that can be referenced from different places (Markdown Component, other components, or from outside the app?)

A Reference Component is not applicable, as that does not allow the paragraph of text or descriptions around the Link, and I can’t put a Reference component in the Markdown.


PS I asked this a couple of months ago, but did not find a solution. I’m hoping something has changed in the meantime.

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Please see this post:

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