Adding Social Meta Tags from URL

I’ve created a simple gift list app, and have a Google Sheet for the users and gift items. When adding a gift item through my Glide App using the + icon, I have a few fields tied to my Google Sheet:

  1. Dropdown list to pick who the gift is for
  2. Gift item name
  3. Image URL for the gift
  4. URL to the gift
  5. Price

What I was wondering was - most of the data I described above you can get through the social meta tags from the URL. Say for example I provide a link to a product on Amazon… I can get the link to the image, price, title, etc. So… is there any way I can do this in Glide? I’d love to simply have the end user pick who the gift is for in the dropdown and then paste in the link to the product and let the app handle the meta data (which they could then edit after it’s persisted in the Google Sheet).

TLDR; I’d like social meta tag support for URLs added via Glide’s “add item” functionality

I imagine this can be done with IMPORTXML combined with the link provided, but to be honest IMPORTXML is pretty hit and miss, might break any time when there are many requests.

Thanks for the idea! I did try that, but it’s very hit-or-miss with the image. Standard meta properties like “title” work well, but not image unfortunately…

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I used to have a Python code that grabs specific fields via a link and then populate them to the Google Sheets. It was an app where I tried to get the latest sport news from multiple outlets. After finishing the code, I have a cron job that runs in the background every 15 minutes. I imagine that idea can be used here as well, grabbing an array of links from your sheet and then return the meta tags back to the Sheet.