🚨 February 17, 2021 Outage | Tracking thread

UPDATE :arrow_down:


Apps should be working again.

Builder is down and sign in with google remains down.

Issue is now classified as Minor Issue according to status.glidapps.com

Sorry yeah thats mostly a problem with statuspal having bad granularity, not that we consider it minor :wink:


I was happy for a second and then… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Anyway, good luck with all your work guys !!

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I am receiving the following message when I try to log into the builder…

"There’s a problem

Could not getOAuth2TokensForGoogleSheets: undefined"

Hey @Shannon.Lake !

Welcome on board the Glide Community. Unfortunately we are all dealing with an unexpected outage. The Glide team are working hard to resolve this issue. Please check following posts :arrow_down:

You may also want to have a view on the following timeline :arrow_down:

Hope this helps !

As soon as more updates will be published, you’ll find them here :slight_smile:

still having login issues

Hi ray_d,

What is your app’s URL and are you logging in with google or email?

Login to https://go.glideapps.com/ failing.
Apps not working either. Logging into apps failing.

Hello everyone !!

The only issues I have is that I can not reload the sheet and it looks like all the possible combinations even the nonesense ones are already taken.

Hope this help.

Regards !

Hi abhilashabhatia,

The builder is still down. Which apps are you having trouble logging into. Have you tried logging in using the standard email mechanism and not sign in with google?

Sorry changing app url’s will not work right now. Builder functions are down.

10 minutes back it failed. Was in a demo.

Tried again just now: successful

I’m glad to hear it is working now. If it fails again please let me know, also please let me know where in the world you are located so I can check for local issues in your region.


We believe Google has restored our compute quota and we are up and running again, full stop. Glide should be fully functional again. Please continue to report issues if you continue to have them. A full refresh may be required in some cases.

Further there will likely be a blip later tonight, we will time it for off peak hours when we switch off the temporary infrastructure. Hopefully it will be unnoticed by everyone but there may be a couple seconds of weirdness.


Can I finish building an app through app builder side and it will be saved?



Is the issue considered as resolved ? Even if we keep in mind that there might be some minor issues here and there ?

Yes. We are still running glide on non-google services for the time being, but everything works.

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