🚨 February 17, 2021 Outage | Tracking thread

The Glide team is doing their best to resolve this issue. Hope that your customers will be able to deal with this issue. Good luck :wink:

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This is that moment you realize you need backup servers running a nightly stable build to revert customers to in case issues occur. :smiley:

this i a second time in 1 month?! i’m gonna loose my customers, and definitely return the money! ;-(

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Uzo, explain to them growing pains and offer some free features, come up with some easy expnadable features and implement.


Error: could not handle the request

they using my apps to get orders from customers… my offering will have to cover lots of money!

What I did is tell everyone I’m updating the database and made a real quick google sheet that displayed the info needed currently to allow them to continue to work.

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i dont know… I love Glide, but is not reliable to charge money from my customers for using this platform, i hope they will fix it fast

Uzo, I understand your frustration, I can’t argue that to be honest. The best I can suggest is to think of something simple they may want as part of the app and implement it. You can allow customers to take pictures so the employees can see their face or vice versa with employees who prepare the orders so their customers can put a name with a face.

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Timeline :arrow_down:


  • 21:43Z - First user reporting an issue with login
  • 21:53Z - Statment by @Jason There is an outage ongoing. We are in an emergency call already addressing it.
  • 21:54Z - Glide is aware of the issue and is actively investigating
  • 21:54Z - Announcement by Glide : Glide is currently experiencing an outage, we are currently investigating the problem and deploying mitigations.
  • 22:25Z - Announcement by @Jason Your apps should be working, builder is still down
  • 22:45Z - Statement by @david : This is not a bug on our end. It’s Google not selling us more service as Glide grows. We are on call with Google to get our limits raised.
  • 23:06Z - Statement by @Jason :
- The reason we had a dead cat bounce was the caches eventually invalidated
- Sign in with google will still be down for a while, regular email auth will work
- We now have a working solution for apps for everything while we work with GCP being weird
  • 23:14Z - Statement by @Jason : `If you are sitll having issue accessing your app after refreshing please post in here. Please note builder access is still restricted (down)
  • 00:00Z - Statement by @Jason : **We believe Google has restored our compute quota and we are up and running again, full stop. Glide should be fully functional again. Please continue to report issues if you continue to have them. A full refresh may be required in some cases. Further there will likely be a blip later tonight, we will time it for off peak hours when we switch off the temporary infrastructure. Hopefully it will be unnoticed by everyone but there may be a couple seconds of weirdness.**

Last Update :arrow_down:

This issue looks to be now be solved.* :tada:

If you are experiencing any issues, please first try restarting the app and the builder. If this doesn’t work, I recommend you to contact the glide support team in the Glide Outage | Tracking thread topic for more help. BEFORE mailing the support team

Thank you to everyone for your patience. Thank you also to the incredible Glide team as they worked hard through these issues today. They have earned a little :heart: from me !

* according to posts made by Glide Team

Your apps should be working, builder is still down


My app is working

ok, it works now… ! Yeah… good job Glide!

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Actions are processing, they are delayed at the moment but we are catching up.


We love Glide too. Our organization has +150 users and multiple apps.

Over the more than 1.5 years, we have encountered total outages like this only twice, now this go. To put a little context - the first two times we were out for under 30-40 minutes. Both time, as I am sure will be the case now, the Glide team demonstrated excellent communication and attention to our concerns. Once restored everything was as it should be.

I know this can be frustrating, especially with paying customers. All I’m saying is that things happen. If I recall google was down globally for about 3 hours not to long ago. I think reaching out to your clients ASAP and being as upfront as possible might get you further than you think.


Good job guys!! How long on the builder do you think?

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Not for me (France)


I think that it’s just a matter of time (as of know and based on what’s mentioned above)

Now I’m getting 502 Bad Gateway error.


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I agree. I took a screenshot of Glide’s uptime as shown on the status page and sent it along with my resolution message, reassuring them that this is an unusual situation and that it was not a problem with their particular app but a widespread outage.