Feature to lock the app to avoid editing by mistake

Wish there was a way to lock the app so that you don’t make edits to the app by mistake :sweat_smile:

I’m working on multiple apps. Once I’m satisfied with the app, I would love a way to just lock it so that there are no edits possible unless its unlocked. Some sort of a staging/production structure.



I agree with you to an extent, but if your done with it why are you going back into it? And there’s always the handy dandy undo button in Glide as well as sheet history in Google sheets that you can revert back to, not to mention you can contact Glide and they can set you app back to a previous date for you as well.


Dumb mistake is how I edited it :sweat_smile: Wanted to edit the copy but edited the original. I didn’t know about contacting Glide support for this, good tip! Thanks.

Your welcome sir. They had to set mine back to over a week ago due to faulty compound actions just today :slight_smile:

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