Editing app that can be copied to Paid app w/custom url

It would be fantastic if we could work in a Production or Editing app that can be copied to a Live Paid app that is already set up. I don’t like working on Live Apps and switching everything after editing like paid account, custom domain, is a huge pain.

Working on the live app is problematic. If you break it while editing, there is no way to simply undo errors and then clients are mad that the app they paid for is broken.

Working in glide would be a breeze if we had the ability to copy app functions, copy sections, and/or copy entire layouts and apply to another app in the same account

I assume that you’re aware of Publishing Control?

No, it’s not full version control with rollback, but it’s still useful.

Hi Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I am aware of that feature and it is great for small edits but I have also had problems losing edits using that feature because I forgot to refresh each and every time I made an edit

I just feel more comfortable working in a production environment. Learning glide I have broken, redone, gotten confused, figured things out, etc. It has been fun learning but looking to the future being able to rebuild or make big changes and just copy over would be a fantastic time saver for the developers using Glide.